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Red glittered moon phases with a DNA tree of life

Weave a story of the ancestors and
walk the path of genealogy magic

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Priestess of Sacred Roots Training

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Online Practice-Based Mentorship + Non-Residential Retreat
Guided by Priestess Genealogist Cairelle Perilloux

October 5, 2024 - October 25, 2025

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The Priestess heart beats in time with an ancient rhythm.
Do you hear its bloodsong drumming within you? 

Who is the Priestess of Sacred Roots?

There is a storyteller in every generation, in every family. The one who cannot resist pulling on the red thread of connection. The one who skillfully climbs the furthest branches of the family tree. A weaver of ancestral stories. A lineage steward. The keeper of the sacred roots. Is that you?

You might be called to this journey if you're a sister on a
priestess path or on a genealogy path* who feels ready to...

  •   Obtain a sound knowledge base of traditional and genetic genealogy methodology

  •   Learn to work within the realm of magic and manifest the sacred in genealogy

  •   Develop a genealogy practice based on ethics, guidelines, and standards

  •   Write the story of your ancestors within the narrative of your own truths

  •   Work daily toward short- and long-term ancestral healing and lineage adjustment

  •   Curate a personal set of magical tools and rituals for use within your own practice​​

  •   Create amazing sacred spaces for genealogical connection and healing

  •   Commit to walking the genealogy magic priestess path with integrity and authenticity

  •   Dedicate as a Priestess of Sacred Roots

Are you ready to walk the path of genealogy magic? 

*No formal genealogy or family history research experience is required to enroll. This training is designed for those who are already on a spiritual path that includes the sacred feminine and divine masculine, and who are able to view humanity as a spectrum. If you have completed a previous priestess training, or if you walk a spiritual path on which you are able to incorporate an open-minded magical practice of integrity and authenticity, you are welcome to enroll.
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Meet Your Guide, Cairelle Perilloux

Cairelle is a priestess in service to the ancient and timeless She who expresses Herself through many names. She has walked a goddess path for the last 35 years, exploring, learning, and growing. Her journey is multi-faceted, as one often finds in maven women of a certain age.

Cairelle is a genealogist, dedicated to connecting people to their ancestral truths by teaching them how to research their own sacred genealogy. With over two decades of research experience in traditional and genetic genealogy, she presents lectures and educational workshops locally, nationally, and internationally. She is a daughter descendant of mitochondrial haplogroup H1, her direct maternal line.

a photo of Cairelle Perilloux at the West Kennet Long Barrow in England

Under the nom de plume Cairelle Crow, she is the author of The Magic in Your Genes, which is a primer on ways to bring together the science of DNA and genealogy with a dedicated magical practice. 

Cairelle is also a wanderess. When she's not riding a Mardi Gras float in her native New Orleans or roaming the world in search of grandmothers, quirky art, and stone circles, she is home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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The Learning Journey

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Holly MacKenna MD

Holly MacKenna MD

Hannah Trowell

Hannah Trowell

Laura Tempest Zakroff

Laura Tempest Zakroff

Course Syllabus for 2024

Specialist Intensives

During the Priestess of Sacred Roots training, you'll

enjoy focused sessions with amazing teachers!

(These are our 2023-24 presenters; 2024-25's are still being arranged.)

Jamie Della

Jamie Della

Nancy Hendrickson

Nancy Hendrickson

Maria Jones

Maria Jones

Teaching is delivered via monthly live Zoom classes, a course-driven online discussion and Q&A forum, optional one-on-one mentoring sessions, and a guided capstone project.
You will receive core instruction in the following areas:

  • Genealogy Magic for Walking the Priestess Path

  • Ethics, Standards, and Guidelines

  • The Language of Genealogy

  • Creating a Genealogy Grimoire

  • Essentials of Research and Tree Building

  • The Five Sacred Elements of You: DNA

  • Genealogy Mishaps and Mayhem

  • Ancestral Lineage and Womb Lineage Healing and Adjustment

  • Crystals, Herbs, and Essential Oils for Genealogy Magic

  • Ancestral Divination and the Alchemy of Symbols

  • Astrology for Family and Genealogy

  • Manifesting Sacred Ancestral Spaces 

  • Crafting Your Genealogy Legacy

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The Gathering

Non-Residential Priestess Retreat

As part of your priestess training, you will have the option to gather in person with our training cohort and initiates for a four day non-residential retreat. During our time together, you will present your capstone project, we will spend our time sharing lots of magic, and we will close our gathering with ceremony and celebration of you as a Priestess of Sacred Roots!


The Gathering is planned as a non-residential retreat and is inclusive of 2-3 meals/day and retreat supplies. Lodging, airfare/transportation, travel insurance, and alcohol are on your own. 

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Priestess of Sacred Roots

Online Practice-Based Mentorship + Optional Non-Residential Retreat
Guided by Priestess Genealogist Cairelle Perilloux

October 5, 2024 - October 25, 2025

Your Enrollment Includes

  • 13 Core Classes (one per month on Zoom)

  • 6 Specialist Intensives

  • Required Textbooks

  • Ceremonial Crystal Set

  • 13+ PDF Printable Handouts

  • Interactive Online Discussion Forum

  • Q + A Sessions for Additional Group Support

  • One-on-One Mentoring (optional)

  • Non-Residential Retreat (optional)

  • Dedication Ceremony (live online + in person)

Are you ready to begin the journey?

The world needs priestesses who serve the common good with integrity,  compassion, and magic. As a Priestess of Sacred Roots, you will walk the path as a skilled genealogy practitioner who can creatively and mindfully hold the complex container of science-based traditional and genetic genealogy as you share the magic of the ancestors and all they offer us.  

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The Investment

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Online Only

$ 1300 USD


----- OR-----

$ 199 USD

(plus 12 Monthly Payments of $99)

Online + Non-Residential Retreat

$ 2450 USD

----- OR-----

$ 199 USD

(plus 12 Monthly Payments of $199)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dates for 2024-25?
    The training in its entirety runs from October 5, 2024 to October 26, 2025, including the optional in-person retreat. Provisional Dates & Times for 2024-2025 Online classes run from 8am-10am PST/11am-1pm EST/4pm-6pm UK. Some classes may go longer, depending on topic. Months that include a specialist intensive will be 3-3.5 hours long or will have an extra one hour class in addition to the usual two hour class. October 1st, 2024 Discussion Forum Opens October 5th, 2024 First Online Class Classes are monthly thereafter on the first Saturday X 12 months October 4th, 2025 Last Online Class October 18th, 2025 Online Dedication Ceremony The Gathering Non-Residential Retreat (optional): October 23rd, 2025 (evening) – October 26th, 2025 (afternoon)
  • Do I need to take a DNA test?
    Yes. Part of the training's focus is on the interpretation of your DNA results and matches, so you need to have tested (or plan to test) with AncestryDNA and 23andMe.
  • Where can I find the Genealogist's Code of Ethics?
    Here is a copy for you to download. You can also find it at .
  • How is the course delivered?
    There are two options for this course: Online Only, and Online + In-Person Retreat in Washington, D.C. Both cohorts are taught together and receive exactly the same content, except for the in-person retreat. This is a very lively course with lots of communication and interaction! The online classes are delivered live via Zoom with additional activities via an online discussion forum, live Q+A sessions, and optional one-on-one mentoring. A guided capstone project meant to demonstrate your understanding of the techniques taught in the course will also be assigned. Your capstone project will be presented by you to the group at the end of the course.
  • What does this training prepare me to do?
    This is a training that prepares you to bring basic traditional and genetic genealogy methodologies into your own personal magical practice for yourself, and for working with clients and groups to facilitate their connections with the magic of their lineage and heritage. If you are interested in teaching others more advanced genealogy concepts, you will need to seek additional training in genealogy upon completion of this course. Information and resources will be provided.
  • What is the group size for this training?
    The yearly cohort for 2024-2025 is limited to 12 people.
  • How big is the time commitment?
    The core content of this training takes place during the online monthly classes which are 2-3 hours long. The six specialist intensives are an hour long each. You can attend live (encouraged) or catch the replays if live sessions do not work for your time zone. In between live sessions, you will be provided with guidance on how to integrate the teachings. It is up to you how much time to commit to the reading and practice between our live sessions. Part of walking the path of genealogy magic is to develop a regular/daily ancestral practice. This, in conjunction with the assigned reading and practice, will guide your success when you are done with training. To complete the training and dedicate as a Priestess of Sacred Roots, you must complete the guided capstone project, which requires you to gather certain information from what you learned in the course and summarize it into a genealogy presentation. All total, it should take no more than approximately 4 hours of total time.
  • Where is the non-residential retreat held?
    The location for the non-residential retreat for the 2024-25 cohort is still to be determined. Check back soon!
  • Can I change my mind and add on the retreat after I start the training?
    Yes, the retreat option can be added later. You can pay in full at that time, or agree to adjust your monthly payments.

Have More Questions? 

If you have further questions about this training after reading the FAQ, please send them via email to Cairelle.

black and white dna helix
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red glittered moon phases with dna tree of life in the center

Priestess of Sacred Roots

Walk the path and weave your story. Take the first step today!

red dna helix art
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