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red dna helix art


black and white photo of dna helix
Red glittered moon phases with a DNA tree of life

Weave a story of the ancestors and
walk the path of genealogy magic

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Priestess of Sacred Roots Training

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Online Practice-Based Mentorship + Non-Residential Retreat
with Cairelle Perilloux

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The Priestess heart beats in time with an ancient rhythm.
Do you hear its bloodsong drumming within you? 

Who is the Priestess of Sacred Roots?

There is a storyteller in every generation, in every family. The one who cannot resist pulling on the red thread of connection. The one who skillfully climbs the furthest branches of the family tree. A weaver of ancestral stories. A lineage steward. The keeper of the sacred roots. Is that you?

You might be called to this journey if you're a sister
on a priestess path who feels ready to...

  •   Learn the basics of traditional and genetic genealogy methodology

  •   Work within the realm of magic and manifest the sacred in genealogy

  •   Develop a genealogy practice based on ethics, guidelines, and standards

  •   Write the story of your ancestors within the narrative of your own truths

  •   Engage daily in short- and long-term ancestral healing and lineage adjustment

  •   Curate a personal set of magical tools and rituals for use within your own practice​​

  •   Create amazing sacred spaces for genealogical connection and healing

  •   Commit to a priestess practice of integrity and authenticity

Are you ready to walk the path of genealogy magic? 
Details for 2024-25 will be released soon!

closeup of a person holding a plate filled with flowers and a lit candle, and burning incense
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Meet Your Guide, Cairelle Perilloux

Cairelle is a priestess in service to the ancient and timeless She who expresses Herself through many names. She has walked a goddess path for the last 35 years, exploring, learning, and growing. Her journey is multi-faceted, as one often finds in maven women of a certain age.

Cairelle is a genealogist, dedicated to connecting people to their ancestral truths by teaching them how to research their own sacred genealogy. With over two decades of research experience in traditional and genetic genealogy, she presents lectures and educational workshops locally, nationally, and internationally. She is a daughter descendant of mitochondrial haplogroup H1, her direct maternal line.

a photo of Cairelle Perilloux at the West Kennet Long Barrow in England

Under the nom de plume Cairelle Crow, she is the author of The Magic in Your Genes, which is a primer on ways to bring together the science of DNA and genealogy with a dedicated magical practice. 

Cairelle is also a wanderess. When she's not riding a Mardi Gras float in her native New Orleans or roaming the world in search of grandmothers, quirky art, and stone circles, she is home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

black and white dna helix
white backgrund with ripples
red glittered moon phases with dna tree of life in the center

Priestess of Sacred Roots

Walk the path and weave your story.

red dna helix art
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